4 Ways To Cope When Everything Goes Wrong

4 Ways To Cope When Everything Goes Wrong

When it rains, it pours, right? This is one of those sayings that is way more true than I would like it to be. And for those of us with various problems like anxiety, depression, and other random issues it seems to happen more than it should. I recently had one of those days where it was just the perfect storm of shitty coincidences that tanked my day into the gutter. (I’ll have a video up about…

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Social Media Tips - Brand Humanity

Social Media Tips – Brand Humanity

The research has already been done for you. People want brands that act like people, not businesses. Emotional connection is the most powerful and sought-after prize in marketing. So how does that translate to social media?

Photo: poorlydrawnlines.com

Photo: poorlydrawnlines.com

  • Don’t Be That Guy

No one likes that friend who only talks about themselves. The people you like are informed, thoughtful, and listen to you and…

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When will they learn

This shit ain’t funny at all. I don’t know why these white dudes think it’s okay to walk up to people, blatantly insult them, then think nothing should happen. Then people look at the Black folks in the vids like THEY’RE wrong.

I don’t see how this is a prank…if getting punched is a prank then Manny pacquiao is the funniest man on the planet

surely a prank is supposed to make everyone laugh when it’s over. even the victim? regardless of what these twats are labelling it as, these poor lads still go home having experienced yet another racist verbal attack on them when they were just innocently living their lives.

fuckin dickwads.

do we REALLY expect anything less idiotic from something called BROPRANKSTV though

You can flag their channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/BroPranksTV/about (you have to be logged in to YouTube.)

The little flag in the bottom left. Flag them for “hate speech against a protected group” and unfortunately not also “Just being a complete asshole.”

Also, please don’t watch any of their videos…that will just get them more views and revenue.



VidCon’s agenda went live recently, and I found myself curious about the degree of equal gender* representation – of the conference generally, but especially of the panels. Panels are a platform, literally, given to people perceived as legitimate and qualified to give advice; they’re a quick measure of whose opinions we value on what topics. And the representation of women on these panels is horrifyingly low.

As with everything related to media, representation matters. The lack of women on these panels both reflects and perpetrates a refusal to acknowledge the validity of women’s voices, experiences, and expertise. This is especially dangerous given the statistically young and female demographic who’ll be watching these panels at VidCon. VidCon could be an opportunity to catalyze a shift towards valuing everyone instead of, overwhelmingly, cis white men… But if the People In Charge ever DO decide to live up to that moral obligation, they certainly won’t be doing so at this year’s conference.

Below is a full list of which panels fit into the categories detailed in the above charts. If you don’t feel like reading that entire list, here are a few “highlights”:

  • Of the 4 all-women panels, all 4 of them are heavily gendered: “Beauty Bloggers”; “Women on YouTube”; “Starting A Beauty Channel”; “A Focus on Beauty”
  • Of five panelists, there are 0 women on the “Online Gaming Strategies” panel
  • Of eight panelists, there are 0 women on the “Faceless Channels” panel
  • Of seven panelists, there is 1 woman on the “YouTube and Your Music Career” panel
  • Of eight panelists, there is 1 woman on the “Writing Comedy for YouTube” panel

* a similar report on the representation of POC on VidCon panels will be coming shortly. Spoiler alert: it’s even worse than this one.


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I participated on 4 panels/discussions this year: “Women on YouTube,” “Education + Entertainment: Is it possible?,” “Sexism on YouTube,” and The Brain Scoop Q&A. 

There is a lot that can be changed and improved about the makeup of the panels at a convention as large and far-reaching as VidCon. I understand scheduling is a complicated process, but having the “Women on YouTube” panel occur at the same time as “The Future of Online Video” left a bitter taste in my mouth. While I’m proud to sit on a panel with some of my personal heroes and friends on “Education + Entertainment,” I can’t help but feel a sense of awkwardness at being the only woman up there. My opinions do not represent the entirety of women educators in online video. 

We also run into a frustrating problem with feeling as though we’re preaching to the choir on the “Sexism” and “Women on YT” panels - while those may arguably some of the most important discussions occurring during the convention, we’re not attracting audiences that otherwise wouldn’t be inspired to attend. When I went to ScienceOnline the first 4 hours of the conference was devoted to issues of gender and race representation inequality - so if you didn’t go to any panels you were actively choosing not to participate in the first quarter of the conference. I’m not suggesting we force people to go to a panel they don’t want to - but structuring the timing of these discussions in such a way sends an encouraging message of support from the convention organizers. It is powerful.

Next year, it’d be great to see “Women on YouTube” on the mainstage.  I would love to have a few men participate in the discussion. Let’s not see the ‘Future of Online Video’ represented solely by men. When you ask how you can help women reach a more equal platform, the answer is that you speak up, and you participate. We need your voices. 

This was a huge problem I had this year. I wrote up a blog about it right after. http://www.ginnymcqueen.com/vidcon-2014-industry-dummies/

While there were many fan panels about equality and representation, the industry track did not seem to be painted with the same thoughtful brush.”

Love, Sharing, And The Pain Of Reality

Love, Sharing, And The Pain Of Reality

I have been having some very hard days. Yesterday I laid in bed for 13 hours, only sleeping some of that time. This happens when I am running low on an essential to my life (like a health meter in an RPG). So I thought I would just start writing and see what came out. Here you go.

Due to the messed-up shit that was my formative years, I have never felt very loved. I always felt that I would be…

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My eyebrows, which I’ve never taken much notice of in my life before, Steven’s decided are the most amazing comic devices. Now in the scripts, as a stage direction, instead of saying, “The Doctor looks peeved” or “The Doctor looks annoyed,” they just write, “Eyebrows.” I’m supposed to do something with my eyebrows.




The crouching cover is in this year…

I fully expect to see Bilbo on the cover of DoS in this pose.


oh my god

Anonymous asked
Tell me about your tattoos. What is the history behind each one of them?

One is from Paradise Kiss.

One is covering a birthmark.

One is from Evangelion.

One is Beatles lyrics.

One is a sea turtle I got after swimming with sea turtles.